Catching Up, Haiti Relief and Redfish, Tampa Kayak Fishing

Catching Up, Haiti Relief and Redfish

My best friend of over twenty years recently deployed with his Medi-Evac unit to support the relief efforts in Haiti.  I got a call the other night that he was back in town, so the next day we went out to find some redfish. I don’t think Mark was all the interested in finding them as much as he was just enjoying the peace and quiet of the water.

I gave him some decals to take with him while he was down there. He didn’t disappoint me.

Mark and I met in a strange kind of way; he was my next door neighbor in Nebraska. One weekend he came over and asked if I could help him move, seems all of his help had bailed on him and he was in a jam. It took us all weekend to move to his new house and the rest is as they say “history”. In my eight years in Nebraska, Mark and I spent every moment we could hunting or fishing. To say he is my best friend is an understatement.

Major Mark Butler

It aint the Hilton

The USAF Air Traffic Controllers were keeping score of their “Rat Kills”.

The reason for the deployment.

How this building is still standing, I do not know.

Please keep people like my friend Mark and all of those that choose to serve our country in your prayers. They are a special breed.

In the last few weeks I have been able to get out, between the cold, the wind, the windy cold wind….. You get the picture.

The Great Wallenda.  DaveR

Justabucup.. Going ole school with the 8lb mono redfish.

Yours truly.

Look for some lure reviews from Mister Twister Exude and tackle reviews from Slayer Inc in the very near future.