G Loomis TFO rods, The G.Loomis Story, Gary Loomis, Frank Sargeant Show 2010

March 7th 2010

The weekend was s spent mostly at the Frank Sargeant Show. I had not planned on attending this Sunday but I had the opportunity to do a video of Gary Loomis, Yes, the famed rod builder him self. For those of you that don’t know it G. Loomis rods are consider one of the best rods ever made in Spin and Fly fishing world. Gary is consider one of the pioneers when it comes using carbon to fishing rods with.

I got there bright and early with my gear and set things up at the TFO booth.(Gary is now designing the blanks for the TFO) It was pretty cool to meet a legend in the fishing world.

The interview was awesome as only Gary him self could tell it. I got the history of how he got started in the rod building business and down to Gary himself telling you how to pick a proper rod. It’s a great story and the video came out excellent.

I look forward to sharing that video with you guys. It’s late, I will get for the first part of the interview tomorrow afternoon.

Here are some shots I got from the show I thought turned out ok. I used the fisheye lens to capture it all.