Canyon Bay 2270 with Yamaha Vmax 225 SHO, Frank Sargeant Show

March 5th 2010

Today I was at the Frank Sargeant show bright and early. The place was very very packed. Lots of traffic. I talked to a few vendors, some did fantastic and some did so so. Tomorrow I’m sure will be the big day. Many of vendors that were there before tells me there’s lots of lookers on Friday as admission was free.

If you get to go by there check out my new ride. It’s the Canyon Bay 2270 with the new Yamaha Vmax 225 SHO. When you come in the gate after you pay, it’s on the right hand side. A stick can be found on the console.

It’s not 100% done yet but I did take the maiden voyage down in Key West earlier this week. The weather was just nasty down there. The front had came in and we were blowing 25mph for most of the day. Good day to test the boat but terrible day to be fishing. I ended up putting 10 hours on her for the break in period. I am eager to see how it performs top end after it is broken in properly.

I will be heading back tomorrow. I bumped into so many people today, that wanted to chat, I never really got to go through the show today.