Wang Anchor Video, Frank Sargeant Show,Tampa Drake Fly fishing Film Sold out online.

March 4th 2010

FYI, The Fly Fishing Film tour that is in Tampa this coming monday is sold out online. You can still get tickets by calling the Tampa Angler. (813) 374-2497 I talked to Lane today he said he still had some left. I am not sure if they will be selling them there the night of the show or not.

I had time today to get some things done that needed to get done. One of which was finishing up the Wanganchor Video for Tom. If we can get it work on his video player, it will be playing the video at the Frank Sargeant Show Booth this weekend.

Here is the finished concept. I couldn’t get a hold of the model in time to re-record the audio so it will have to be completed another time.

You Tube Version: