Marquessa mothership trip on the, First run, Water testing the Canyon Bay 2270 in the Marquessa

Feb 3rd 2010

I just rolled in last night from a trip down in Key West. Our main plan was to fish the Marquessa for some the species that should be showing up there this time of year. Species like Tarpon and Permit. We had a mother ship provided by which sleep 6 people over in the Marquess. This way we did not have to worry about running back and forth the 20+ miles every day.

I am sorry to report again, that the mother nature had other plans for us.

We had 3 small boats going. The Canyon bay 2270, John’s Caimen, and Phillip’s 17′ Master Angler. The fore cast was calling for not so great weather so we decided to leave John’s boat at the marina and it turned out to be a wise choice.

The cold fronts this year are relentless. It is March and we are hitting lows in the 40’s down in Key West, Fl. Winds for the first day was not bad at 15mph but the next day it was gusting in the 30’s. The water temperature down in Marquessa pretty much everywhere were 65 degrees. If you look at some of the photos everyone is bundle up in the keys. It was cold. We did catch a couple small Bahama size bone fish, a few sharks and snappers but needless to say, the weather made the fishing overall pretty slow.

We cut the trip short, as it wasn’t getting any better. Actually it was getting worst with thunderstorms approaching whipping up the seas even more. We followed the mothership back as it would smooth out the seas a bit for my bay boat and the 17′ Master Angler that made the crossing. I am happy to report with 20-25mph winds none of us took one over the bow. Once we got to the other side, the smaller boats took the Lakes passage back and the mother ship took the ocean side. It was a good thing we did. I was told there were 7′ seas out there, with one smashing over the boat and filling the cock pit.

I will make the trip back once the weather gets warmer. The Marquessa is a magical place and the fishing can be off the chain there. Now if these cold fronts will every stop perhaps the fish will come back out from hiding again.