Tri-Shear Review, Line Cutting tool, video review

Feb 26th 2010

Tri Shear line cutting tool video review. This is my first video review of a product,  as  just writing about it will not do it justice.

Tri Shear

I came across the Tri Shear by Innovative Fishing Tackle at the 2009 ICAST in Orlando Florida this past July.  I was pretty impressed. The tool is light weight aluminum that will cut just about any line you could possible used on a fishing boat. It cuts mono obviously but it cuts mono up to 600lbs. It cuts braid all the way up to 200lb test. The most impressive is seeing it cut steel leaders all the way up to 600lb test, single or multi strand. It never gets dull so the next cut after cutting steel can be 10lb braid.

If it does get dull the company said they would replace it. For about $80 bucks, it comes with a lanyard and a holster plus a lifetime warranty. Not a bad deal.

I couldn’t get  a hold of one and I’ve been looking for them in the stores ever since. Well, I started to see them in stores lately and got a hold of one. I sat in the garage and started to look for things to cut up. I got a hold of steel shark leaders, dacron, small diameter braided line. I have to say it did it’s job nicely. This tool will be staying with me almost every time I get on the water.

Locally I have seen the tool at Tampa Fishing Outfitters in Tampa  and Captain Ted’s Tackle in Charlotte County.

I will be putting up 2 versions as some people can’t view on their work computers. 🙂

Vimeo Version

YouTube Version