Mirrolure Soft Plastics

Just a few of the styles and colors

We all know who they are and what they do. Mirrolure has been making great hard plastics for quite a while, and we all probably have a few in our tackle box. The company is based in the Tampa Bay area which is a plus as well, at least for me.

Now, Mirrolure has come up with a line of soft plastics that are in my arsenal as well, along with my confidence baits. At first I was skeptical. I liked the designs, but every time in use, the fish either weren’t biting or they didn’t like the colors and styles being presented. It surprised me a little that Mirrolure even broke into the soft plastic market, which has nothing to do with catching fish, but the soft plastic market is tough to get into, as with everything else in the fishing industry. Now I think Mirrolure may have a winner.

On a recent trip with a friend, merely looking for winter trout, I was proven wrong in my skepticism. While I was using other soft plastics that were producing just a couple of days ago, and producing well, that’s what I stuck with. My buddy was using the Mirrolure 4” Rootbeer Soft Shad and the 3-3/4″” “Lil’ John”.

Well, to make a long story short, I wasn’t catching squat, and my comrade was reeling in decent trout. The bite was not on fire by any means, but the Soft Shad and Lil’ John did the trick, so I switched up and caught a couple speckeled as well. We even brought a flounder to the boat.

One of the very few I caught, due to me being stubborn...

Cookie cutter speck caught with the Soft Shad
Drug along the bottom slowly, this guy wanted an easy meal
Lil' John-I like the looks of this one...

There is only so much I can write about a soft plastic artificial. I like the colors offered as well as the different designs, in addition to the action in the water. The price is competitive with most manufacturers, and Mirrolure also offers scented baits, that I’m sure will be reviewed on Salty Shores in the near future. In my opinion, I feel these baits will catch any of the fish the Tampa Bay flats have to offer, just as well as any other of your “go to” lures. Check them out; it won’t break the bank and may get you that lunker trout or red you’ve been looking for.