2/20 ML w/ Fishbites

Yesterday afternoon we went over and registered at New Smyrna Outfitters for the Fishbites tourney. The rules are, take any picture with the bag of soft plastics in it. Well we went out and fished a little later to get on the afternoon bite. Paul (Fishtrapper) told us at that location the fish are crawling, and when you pole the hull will be sticking on the bottom. He told the truth. We started to pole up to the first fish and the boat started to stick. About 10 pushes later CRACK, broken push pole. We were able to get both sections and the longer part was about 14ft.

On the way back to the ramp chasing Paul we ran out of gas. Paul was nice enough to turn around and give us a tow back to the ramp. Turns out the Yami 50 2smoke is a work horse! Paul was able to tow us back to the ramp…on plane, at 18-19mph. I snapped a couple pics, and this was the best one. In keeping with the Fishbites rules it has the bag in it. Broken Push Pole, Spilt Beer, Outta Gas.

This morning started off a little better. We decided to try to pole with the Wang Anchor. It worked out pretty good. With Erik working the Wang he stuck this fish in short order.

Then it was my turn. We started to set up on a larger school of fish and I pulled this one out on Fly. The Fly is an Unnamed tie by Chuck from New Smyrna Outfitters. As soon as I can get the name of it I will post it up.

We made it back to NSO for the photo contest. I ended up getting second place with this one.

Another picture from yesterday. In TB we don’t really get fish with this much color in the tail.