Saltwater fishing Photos, second look. Prototype Sebile Magic Swimmer

Feb 19th 2010

I had a few minutes this morning to go through some photos from the last couple of weeks.
From the everglades mother ship trip to the Miami Boat show.

Coming up today or tomorrow a couple of lure review by my friend Rich Osgood. I got him a prototype Sebile magic swimmer. He really digs it.

I was about 10feet away from this everglades alligator. The photos was a little out of focus I was it was low light and I was shooting in f2.8 but I thought it was a cool blurry action shot.

Miami Sky Line


Jungle Jooooooooooooose! no it was not mine. yes I tasted it.. thumbs down.

Poor man’s way of How to shoot in the rain.

Rough Day boating and fishing that day with Sebile.

Tailers with Captain Joe Harley