Fugu knot tool, by Jay Riordan, knot tying tool

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be given a new rigging tool called the Fugu by King Kaz.  Immediately I was impressed by the design; flat, compact, durable, and lightweight.  With the size similar to a credit card it easily fits in your pocket and the aluminum construction should last for several years.

offshore wind on swivel

Anyone who fishes with regularity has experienced the difficultly of tightening knots with heavy monofilament line.  Compounded by a rocking boat with wet or slimy fingers and it could be a recipe for disaster, (the dreaded hook in the hand).  The Fugu tool allows you to safely tighten your knots with virtually any size hook. The notch design for holding the swivel is almost perfect.  I use the term “almost” because it doesn’t allow the use for offshore wind on swivel.

It may seem fairly insignifcant, especially if you don’t use those type of swivels, however the issue is worth mentioning.

Overall, I would give it a thumbs up rating and intend to purchase a few extras to give away as gifts.  With the price below $10 it should have a place in every fisherman’s tacklebox.

Jay Riordan