New Exude Lures, Flamingo Fishing

Feb 14th 2010

Today I optted out of the boat show and decided to get some fishing done with my friend Honson and Fred. Our plan was to do some sight fishing this morning for reds fish. When we got there it was 46 degrees in Flamingo! It was also blowing about 15mph + with over cast skies.  We kept trying to sight fish but the fishing gods apparently didn’t want anything to do with it.  It was a struggle to see fish so we did some blind casting to pot holes instead.

We ended up getting this nice redfish and a black drum using the Exude Dart in the white color rigged weedless.

It wasn’t a bad day on the water but they sure made it tough for people to sight fish today though.

Fred handed me a bunch of packages of some the new stuff that Exude came out with as well. One of which is a paddle tail soft plastics I don’t even see on their website yet. I will getting some of the saltyshores contributors to test out. They seem to have the same texture as the rt slug and the darts but shorter and have a paddle tail and a weedless hook slot.

As you can see from the photos there were clouds aaaaaaaaaaaaaallll.. dam day.