Bob Hewes Tribute at the Miami boat show 2010

Feb 12th 2010

Hewes Boats is very well branded name in the skiff industry. Bob Hewes pretty much invented the skiff down in Miami in 1945 when he and Lety Kreh went fishing one day in Lefty’s 13′ Boston Whaler. After the trip Bob started think of a better way to sneek up on those spooky bonefish.

You can read about the 80 year history here

The Hewes Maverick Pathfinder guys did a tribute for Bob today at the Miami Boat show. I was there snap a few photos for memories sake.

On the offshore booths they had some really cool and really expensive trolling lures.

This is a bilge.. it looks better than some consoles. It is off a 41′ Bahama