G Loomis Current fly reel

Feb 12th 2010

Well after about  5 hours and lots of pit stops I finally made it to Miami for the Miami Boat Show. Nothing interesting to write about besides me complaining about the traffic etc.. so I’m skipping it for today. đŸ™‚

I did get a chance to check out this new fly reel from G. Loomis. It’s called the “Current” I guess that is named after their highly reguarded fly rod series of the name Cross Current. I Googled it up and some of the descriptions says “It’s the Stella of the fly reel world”. (Stella spinning reels are considered the best in it’s class which is up there)

It is my opinion, I would have to disagree with that statement. Though the $400 fly reel looks and feels nice, craftsmanship wise it is definitely not the best I have seen in my young career as a fly fisherman. Me, personally it’s not a big deal but where the reel is made will turn many of the higher end fly reel customers. On the plus side, it does however come with an extra spool and the drag is waterproof. The extra spool alone can cost $200.00 on some of the higher end fly reels.