Mirro Lure Scented baits, Mirro Lure came through, free mirrolure, newsletter, Miami Boat Show

Feb 11th 2010

mirro lure provoker

Most of the day yesterday was spent running around trying to catch up on things. When I arrived home,  at my door step, was a box of the  new scented plastics from Mirro Lure.  Mirro Lure came through and sent me some lure for review and give out to readers of Saltyshores via the Saltyshores Newsletter.  I had asked for mainly the new scented soft plastics as we had already reviewed the Mirro prop a couple months ago.

They also included their new hats and visors to give away. The new ones are the ever popular camouflage patterns with redfish and trout on the side.

Speaking of Mirro Lure. Freemirrolure.com is giving away a free hard plastic mirrolure with every T-shirt purchased. The shirts are not $50 either, they are only $19 bucks.  And if you put in the code “capmel” at the end you gonna get another 25% off.  So doing the math, $20-25%(about $5) = $15 – mirrolure cost about $6,  You’re getting the shirt for $9 plus shipping. Not too shabby of  a deal these days.

I’m scrambling as usual because I’m heading down to the Miami Boat show 2010. This is the largest boat show in the southeast. It has contracted quite a bit since the heyday due to the slow economy but it is still pretty darn big. There’s lots to see and people to meet. If the weather is good I will try to sneak in a fishing trip but for the most part I will be looking to network down there.  Network is a waaaay over used words.. basically what I mean is I’m going there to shake hands, meet people, say hello to old friends and contacts.  It seems frivolous at first but when people know you and like you(key word “like” you) they tend to send you work and help each out in that matter.

I’m going to be down there for a few days, so if you are around and bump into me, love to meet you. I would love to hear suggestions and constructive criticism on how to improve Saltyshores to make it a better overall experience for everyone.(man that ended very generic sounding, sounds like I’m at Disney) Anyways I’ll be down there.. the end.