Wang Anchor Photo shoot, Mirrolure scented lure, Mirrolure Provoker, Mirrolure Lil John

Feb 9th 2010

Most of the day was spent working on a video project that wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It was a website corporate video about repairing potholes.  Yes, not exactly jumping tarpon on fly exciting but it pays the bills so can’t complain. 🙂

I got a few request for images from the magazines so I had to search in my archives as most of the photos were sent off almost a year a go.  Perhaps things are looking up for the magazines finally. I know I have been pretty busy with request for video and photography lately. Who knows this could be the year the economy stabilize. I know many guides that are hurting pretty bad right now due to the slow down. The recent fish kill did not fair well for the fishing industry either.

In the afternoon I had a studio shoot with Tom of lined up. We were to shoot some product shots for his new website. This time we got Jackie a local model to make Tom’s product even cooler than it is. After all, his motto for the product is “Hang out with your wang out”.  The shoot went very well and Tom was very pleased with the results. We even shot some cool video clips with Jackie saying the motto. I will be editing that footage here in the next few days.

Mirrolure is Tampa Base lure company.  Their product has been proven time and time again as one of the most popular fish catching lure in our local waters. My personal favorite of theirs is the ever popular mirrodine. They had just came out with some scent soft plastics called lil Jon and provoker. I was talking to Mike, one of the guys over at Mirrolure he will be sending me some to test out, review and use here in the  next couple days.

They are also sending products for us to give away for the saltyshores newletters readers. They will be sending Soft and hard plastics to give away to our readers. So if  you  have not join please do so by clicking on the menu link above.