Joe Hebert’s Fish On Lures

Joe Hebert is a local fishing Captain who charters out of the St. Joseph Sound area, and is based in Dunedin, FL. I have seen Joe at a few seminars and fishing trade shows; he is very knowledgeable and passionate about fishing.

The thing that sets Joe apart from the rest, is that he owns his own lure companies that produce reasonably priced and effective soft plastics, jigheads, weedless hooks, and spoons, just to name a few.

Boss Bait with the EDJE hook

I felt bad. When sorting through my artificials recently, some of Joe Hebert’s Fish On Lures products were found, products that were received nearly nine months ago. I had used them shortly after received, but only for short periods of time, never really giving them a full attempt. After dusting those off I gave them a go the last time I went fishing, right after the bad freeze and fish kill. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reds, but we did find small trout, and lots of them, so I was able to test out all of the products I had received.

Shredder tube bait with EDJE weedless hook

I had a couple of his “EDJE” weedless hooks, standard “Joe” jig heads, Silly Willy spoons, Silly Willy “Swim Jigs” with Fly Teasers and “Boss Bait” soft plastics. These were all acquired at seminars I have attended, as he is very proud of his products and wants to spread the word, as he should. If you have the chance, attend one of his seminars. You may get a free jig or two, and you will definitely learn a few things.

Silly Willy "swim jig" with fly teaser

So off I went, accompanied by a few friends that rarely get to fish, let alone with lures. A local trout hole of mine was the destination. Armed with lightweight spinning gear, we all got to work. The novices used the Boss swim baits, and I tried the Silly Willy swim jig with the fly teaser. We did quite well considering the conditions and lack of confidence with the new products. The spoons didn’t get used that day as these will be slaying the mackerel later this year, there is no doubt they will perform. I wanted to focus on the newer products.

Standard Spoon
Boss Baits with the standard "Joe Jig"

All in all It was a great day, with over forty trout to the boat. The most productive lures were the Boss swim baits and the Silly Willy swim jig with fly teaser. The trout always hit the teaser; there was rarely a hit on the main hook. This surprised me, as I figured this would be the least productive lure of them all.

Overall, Joes line of lures cover all facets of artifical fishing. When fishing saltwater, you can expect redfish, snook, trout, flounder, pompano and bluefish, just to name a few. With freshwater fishing I can see crappie and bass inhaling these lures. Fish On Lures and Silly Willy offers most sizes of baits, hooks and colors imaginable. I can’t begin to cover them all; check out his online catalog. The supply is not limited and the pricing will keep you coming back. Always being a fan of other “well known” jigheads and soft plastics, my tackle box will have a space for Joes gear. I’m sold on these products, especially the swim jig with the fly teaser. The versatility of this product is vast, and the others aren’t far behind.