Best Fried Chicken, Popeye’s spicy with red beans and rice, Best fishing shoes if you fish a bunch and get them wet.

Feb 6th 2010

Boy did I eat bad today.  In the morning it started off good enough with a couple bananas and coffee. But after a long drive from south Florida I stopped to get some gas. The gas station  had 2 hot dogs for 2 dollars. So I figured I picked up a couple, smother it with yellow mustard and that semi fake onion they had in the packages. Of course I had to add a diet coke as well.

If  that sounded like it tasted like crap, it sure did.  However I was hungry and ate most of it. Yes the bread was dried and the hot dog shriveled. Not to mention the onion thingy was almost unbearable.  Regardless they satisfied my hunger for the long drive to Lake land, Fl.

It took me about 5 hours but I made it to the Lake land fish and dive expo. I was there to network with some of vendors. I also bumped into a few Saltyshores contributors as well. Bill Howard, Brad Leber, Rich Traugott and Dale Snead.

Over at the Dive expo, I ate a Shepard’s pie and drank 2 diet coke. I hung out there for a few hours chatting with friends and hanging with vendors. The ECC guys were there, Tom of Wanganchor, Joe from Carbon Marine, Lane from Tampa Anglers, Kent from Breath Like a Fish.

Speaking of Kent, he was telling me about the West Coast Pro Series redfish tournament next weekend.  He tells me it will be down in Englewood. This  year they have stepped upped the prizes. Not only is it going to be 100% pay back, the grand prize is a new boat(inshore powerboats)  motor and trailer worth over 10k.  It’s a pretty easy going tournament. I fished it a bout 1.5 years ago before I just ran out of time. The deadline, I believe is like Sunday or Monday.

Croc Ace

My Croc Ace which I have had over a year is starting to wear through. I wear Croc Ace because it has the comfort of Crocs, it does not smell after I get them wet like most shoes, and it very durable. The sole of the ACE is for use on a boat surface.  I have walked on oyster bars with these things. The Croc Ace has never let me down. Regular Crocs becomes  worn, slippery and are almost useless when used on a boat unless you like to slip and fall a bunch. Ask me how I know.

I picked up a pair of the Shimano Evair at the show before I left. They have the same concept.  Boat shoe bottoms with the comfort of Croc like foam material. So in theory they are comfortable and retains no odor. I will let you know how it turns out.

Shimano Evair

By the time I was driving home I was already thinking dinner. I passed by a Popeye’s chicken. I make a  turn into the drive through. I ordered the Spicy chicken with red beans and rice and the Cajun rice for the sides. Out of all the chain fried chicken places out there I have to say Popeye’s is my favorite fried chicken joint. No I didn’t drink a diet coke with it. But I should have.

Heck after a  5,000 calorie day, filled with all kinds of  grease, fat, chemicals, preservatives, MSG from the hot dogs why not top it off  with a healthy does of artificial sweetener. Time to detox.