Captain Mel Berman Passed away at 81, 970 WFLA Fishing Radio Show Host Mel Berman

Feb 5th 2010

A fishing radio era ended this day. My friend and the guy who got me really interested inshore fishing, Captain Mel Berman of 970 WFLA radio host passed away today at the age of 81. He was the host of most the popular show in his time slot AM or FM with over 75,000 listeners. His voice was heard over the Tampa area radio for over 25 years. He also ran, the most popular West Central fishing website I know of. He has done more for the local fishing community than most could ever dreamed.

I’m a proud to have worked with him on several charity tournaments as well as having my photo on the cover of his popular book “Skinny”.

He will be greatly missed.

RIP Captain Mel.

All my respect.

-Sam (apollobeachsam)

More about Mel’s passsing: