17 foot skiff for $6900.00?, Bay Boats and kayaks for 2010 video projects

Feb 2nd 2010

Ok so I got a little flack from making the mistake on the snook vs Goliath ID late yesterday.  Yes I make mistakes. I could have just pulled the post and most people wouldn’t have known about it.  I wanted to leave it up there and just add a correction because I didn’t want to censor myself… does that even make sense? lol

Let’s move on shall we? (man that sounded just like my geeky high school teachers)

Today  I bump into a gentleman that has been in the fiberglass/boat business for 25 years. He tells me he invented 3610(if can remember properly). As you can imagine he is doing very well since then. He still deals in the fiberglass business and is right now starting a small boat company. His first boat is a 17′ skiff. A sharp V entry, a deck with hatches as well. He claims with 50hp tiller 2 stroke, it will draft 7 inches. The best part of all this is he can sell the boat to the public Boat, trailer (no motor) for $6900.00.

I went by the shop to take some photos of the one he is currently building for a customer. It was much bigger and roomier than I had expected. When he finishes it up I will be by to give it a test ride. If the boat is build half way decent and all the claims are true, he will be selling a bunch at $6900.00 that is for sure!

Contact info: John 813.240.3756

2010 video projects:

One of the coolest project I’m looking to do in 2010 is taking a kayak to remote destinations and fish with it. Places like deep into the Everglades, Marquesas in the keys, and offshore fishing. Obviously we’re not going to paddle all that way but using the mother ship concept to transport the kayak there.

This brings up another subject, what boats to use to transport these kayaks. I am thinking a bay boat. It’s well rounded boat for Florida. You can fish fairly skinny, and you can still take some chop on rough days on the water. On calm days you can even take it a little offshore.

Since I’m doing more and more photo shoots and video projects these days my skiffs are getting used less and less. I will be looking more into selling the skiffs so I get into a bay boat. As life changes your need changes. On shoots that I need to get skinny, I still have plenty of friends that have skiffs? The best boats are your friend’s boats. 🙂