World Record Snook perhaps. This Five feet Monster snook was found dead on the banks of the Manatee River after the freeze.

Perhaps a World Record snook for sure.

When I first looked at it, I thought it was a big drum of some sort but a closer look reveal it is definitely a snook.

This Giant snook measured 60″ long. Yes that is a real 5 feet long snook not just a fish story. This leviathan was found dead on the side of the Manatee river after an unprecedented freeze that took the lives of millions of fish.

note: This is the current all tackle IGFA world record snook:

Snook, common
(Centropomus undecimalis)
Weight Catch Place Catch Date Angler
24.32 kg (53 lb 10 oz) Parismina Ranch , Costa Rica 10/18/1978 Gilbert Ponzi

Feb 2 2010:  After some much needed rest, some emails and a closer examination… looking to be more like a Goliath grouper decomposing to show the lateral lines. Just the shape of the mouth is way off.  Sorry my mistake. 🙂