Everglades Mothership trip, Lostman’s River trip in a Mothership

Jan 31st 2009

I just got back from an Everglades Mothership trip. We were at the mouth of Lostman’s river for 3 days on a 100 foot mothership with full hotel like accommodations. I mean hot and cold running water, showers, kitchen, 70″ satellite TV, ac, full bar, ice maker, water maker, lounge, even a hot tub. We had 6 boats tied on to the boat so everyone could run around and fish their favorite spots and do some exploring.

The operation is Gulf Island Adventures out of Ft. Myers

It was an awesome experience for sure. I will write more details as I get a chance. I’m typing this on the road right now but will hopefully get more time tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile here are some photos from the trip.