Cortland Sterling Mid Arbor Fly reels, Cortland pe+ Crystal Fly line

I got in the mail Friday the Cortland Sterling Mid Arbor Fly reel. This is a very nice looking reel that retails for about $150.00. I wanted to check out a reel that was fairly inexpensive and look nice. Sure you can pick up a $20.00 plastic fly reel at your local sports authority. If you can get something that last and look good why not spend a little more. You don’t have to spend $500+ for the higher end dollar gear because after all it just holds the fly line right? 🙂

I’m also checking out the the Cortland pe+ Crystal Fly line. It’s a clear fly line. I can only assume it is for stealth purposes.

Mind you, when I do write about these products I am no Lefty Kreh. I have not owned or used all the fly gear ever built, nor do I know the  history of every fly fishing company that has ever been in existence like many of the fly fishing experts on the internet. There is lots and lots of internet experts out there so take my review for what it is. I’m just some guy learning how to fly fish. 🙂