Loop push pole, free mirrolure, wang anchor, Tampa fishing outfitters, las margaritas, dead snook

Jan 21st 2009

Yesterday was trying to catch up day.  Nine am I had to meet up with with Jim of freemirrolure.com. Jim has a pretty cool idea that has been working well. He gives a way a free MirroLure with every shirt he sells for $17.95 not a bad deal really considering the lure cost about $6.00 at the tackle shops.(note:  put in coupon code  “cap mel”  at the end and get a 25% discount, that’s even a better deal) We talked about a bunch of stuff and one of which is perhaps printing up a calendar or coffee table book of all the coolest images.

I then met up with  Tom and Joe for lunch. Since I’ve been using the Loop Push Pole for a few weeks now and it seems to be working out pretty nicely. It’s cheaper, just a stiff as my stiffy hybrid and even a little lighter. It’s so light it tough to pole in 6′ of water(for tarpon) as the pole wants to float. I got Joe to to be part of the video projects I am putting together in 2010. Tom also wanted to be involved in the fishing and putting the wanganchor on the boat so everything went quite well.

By the way, if you live in the Tampa Bay area and like authentic Spanish food you need to stop by Las Margaritas. Located on 4031 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL, the food was cheap and excellent. It’s just a little hole in the wall but the food was much better than 90% of the Spanish restaurant I’ve been to. I read some reviews on-line complaining about the service. We had good service as we went there just before the lunch rush.  The bill came to $29 for 3 people with drinks. We  even had one café conleche and 2 espresso. That is cheap!(me being the adventurous type ordered the ox tail)

I had some time to kill before the next meeting so I stoped by Tampa fishing outfitters. If you go their website (yes it sucks), it don’t look like it, they have the largest inventory of any tackle store in the Tampa bay Area. They have all the high end gear from Shimano, Diawa, Sebiles all the way to castanets(they are the largest in the country) crabtraps, fly gear .. just a monster of a tackle shop. If you have not been there..its like a mini basspro for saltwater fisherman. Also they had the book “Skinny” by Captain Mel with my photos on the cover. He tells me the book is doing very well and that they have sold over 100 copies in that store alone. Maybe I should have asked for a kick back. 🙂

Speaking of photos, while talking to Mr. Lee, I turned around and I see the latest Florida sportsmans on the shelf. No, it’s not the one with the girl with a brand new Gloomis hat, in the bikini holding up a one pound sheeps head. (I know, very realistic,.. NOT). Just kidding Rick D. 🙂  One of my photo finally made a Florida sportsman cover. It is the photo of Jason Stock hold a redfish. The redfish is underwater and Jason is on the boat. Wooo hooo!

I then had to make another meeting with a local boat company near by. John builds a 16 foot tiller skiff. He tells me on the phone that he could sell the boat retail for like $6995.00 with out the motor. So I was thinking to myself, yeah but it’s probably gonna look like a john boat or a gheenoe. I show up to his wear house and I was pleasantly surprised. The boat looks like a tiller Hewes Redfisher. Very wide, roomy and stable with sharp V entry. He said that with a 50hp 2 stroke(boat will run 30mph) he can sell them for $12,900.00  boat motor and trailer.  This is a deal for this boat. I know people that pay more than that for Carolina skiffs.  This boat is finished and looks like it should cost 15k to17k I asked him how he could sell it so cheap, he tells me has been in the fiberglass business for 25 years and has no middle man. Needless to say I’m dying to take it for test run when I get a chance. If it’s anything close to what I suspect, John should do very very well in the “economical skiff” space. I will let you know more about the skiff once ride in it  and I take a few photos of it.

Today Jan 21st more follow up work. (over cast skies and windy, good day to catch up) Things are hopping over here on Saltyshores. I will do my best to keep up.

Photos of large breeder snooks.. all died from the unprecedented freeze Florida recently had.

Some shots I got from this week… poling the empty flats as Biscayne… and the tailing redfish is from Pine Island.