Deep Freeze hits South Florida, Video of the aftermath. Surviving snook and bonefish hanging on.

This video I took was from a Miami marina basin. They are footage of some surviving snook in the deepest part of the marina. Also a few bonefish free swimming that was so lethargic you could pick them up with a dip net. I actually touched him with the camera. There were a dozen or so in the marina when I was there. People tell me there were hundreds in there during the coldest days.

On the video you can see some scares on the back of a couple of the surviving snook. Some residents were illegally snatch hooking the survivors. Thirty two citations were given out in one day, in one marina for all kinds of violations. What a shame.

Again, if you have missed it. The snook population took a big hit and the FWC has shut down the harvest for the rest of the year.