Jorge Martinez, Miami based fish artist

Jan 19th 2009

One of the most famous fishing artist in South Florida and the keys is Miami based Jorge Martinez. I always see his work all over the place down there. In magazines, in the fly shops, on the walls of restaurant and tournaments posters, and of course paintings. I never knew who he was but I bumped into him at the old Biscayne Bay Flyshop a few months ago. I usually think of artist as being older, but surprisingly he was  a very young man. (I know, I’m talking like an old fart).

Even though he’s of the younger generation, he’s one of those guys that don’t care much about technology, the internet, social media etc. All he really cares about is his work and fishing. By his own admittance, he is probably gets the water more than any other fish artist out there.  He tells me all he knows on the internet is pretty much read his emails.

I told him if ever wanted to get his work seen outside of South Florida and the keys, he needs to at least get a simple website.  Since he’s a pretty cool guy and could really use some  help, I will be helping him out with some that. I’m no expert but I can do  more on then answer my email. 🙂

The guy is an awesome artist but he is also a heck of fisherman as well. He got his 14lb bonefish on fly in the keys right before the deep freeze came  in last week.

Here are some of his work. I would link up to his website but he don’t have one. He does have an email though: