Nautius Fly Reels Factory tour, How they make Nautilus Fly Reels

I’ve always heard great things about the Nautilus Fly reels from friends that are avid fly fisherman. They are consider some of the best reels available. One of the things they like about Nautilus is that they are made right here in the USA, Miami Florida to be exact. One of the guys that really loves them is Captain Joe Gonzalez. He told me that if I wanted to, he would set me up with a tour of the Nautilus factory. I was already in town today, so I made the drive over to meet Christian the gentlemen who runs the operation at the factory in North Miami.

After a short conversation about what they were about,  he gave a very thorough tour of the Nautilus’s operation. If you didn’t know it already most quality reel starts off as solid piece of high grade aluminum. Then they are cut down into disc. They are then placed into the CNC machine to cut out the design. It was pretty cool to see how all the parts were transform from just a chunk of cylindrical metal to the final beautiful polished, and functional work of artwork.

These are some photos I snapped reel quick. All I had on hand was the 10mm fish eye so sorry for the lack of angles. I plan on going back and shooting some video and do an interview with Christian about how it was all done.