Tarpon Trolling in Miami Florida with Adrian Gray and Glen

Today we woke up, grabbed some breakfast and contemplated what kind of fishing needed to do after this deep freeze has pretty much killed everything off on the flats. Adrian suggested we go troll for some catch and release grouper action. Since Glen was leaving today we decided to give it one last try despite the rain. We packed our gear and headed off. We stopped for a pizza around lunch time and waited out even more rain.

We only had 2 hours to fish but what the heck, it couldn’t have been much worst than yesterday’s skunk. It took a bit to get our trolling down but once we got going it was pretty easy  fishing.  After about 1 hour of trolling in the wind and rain with basically nothing our confidence was dwindling fast. One bite changed the entire day’s luck though. The rod that was trolling the Sebile Koolie Minnow 190FT Mackerel got smoked!  I handed the rod off to Glen and the craziness of scrambling for cameras and reeling in the other line ensued.

After about 20minutes, we landed 100lb Tarpon to end the very frustrating weekend of fishing in post deep freeze conditions. By 330pm we had to go. It was time to take Glen back home so he could get cleaned up and head back up to New York.  After a quick stop at Adrian’s parent’s house for a burger we dropping Glen off at the air port with hopefully some great stories to tell his friends up North.

 My friend Adrian Gray took some cool underwater photos. He takes photos with a Canon 50D.