Hunting, Freezing, And The Result

Hunting somewhere near Montgomery, Alabama; in the sticks. I just got back home this morning after an all night 12 hour drive. Damn road hypnotizes me after a while. I hunted for 3 days and had a great time. It’s really nice to escape the real world for a few days with no phone calls, no computer,
and no worries. While at the camp I hunted, three fellas (Nick, Roy, and Ken) came into hunt for a day and a half. Let me tell you, these boys tore it up. The first nite they were there they scored big time. I was sitting in the camp relaxing having a cold Miller Lite when I heard their 4 wheeler come around the corner. When I peaked out the window I saw two guys ride in with a deer and a hog strapped to the front, and a deer and a hog strapped to the back. What a site! The next morning they went out and when they came back they had two more deer. Roy and Nick ended up with an 8, 9, and a 10pt buck, 1 doe, and two hogs. Hell of a hunt boys. I scored a doe and a hog which are vacum sealed and in the deep freeze. I’m not the best at it but I try to do my own butchering. Ryan and I stayed up all nite on Thursday butchering the quatered parts. Ken hunted archery which is a lot tougher than rifle, but it is sporty to do so. I also hunted with Ryan and Bob but they had no luck; just missed shots, and cold hands and feet. Speaking of cold, it was in the teens to the fortys while hunting. Man that’s cold! Thanks to Henry for letting us hunt the camp. Roy and Nick, nice to meet you guys and stay safe on the street. I didn’t take many photos at all which is a shame as it’s beautiful country. Wish I had some photos of the camp. I failed at photography this last week. O’well, it’s back to fishing for now until Turkey season opens in the spring. Can’t wait. Funny story: I bought these boots the same day I headed to the camp, they are called BOGS. I was so happy with these boots, they are so comfortable and decently warm. Best of all they are water proof. They should work well for cold days fishing here, especially throwing the net and beaching the boat. Anyway, all I did was talk about how bad arse they are to Bob and Ryan for the first day and a half there until…. Bob has a Gator 6×4 and we tried to take it through a deep pudle which was iced over. Well Bob hit the gas and when we hit the ice the front of the Gator just got buried, and in the process my leg slipped out off the floor board and right into the damn puddle which was knee deep. My boot filled up with freezing water. So there I was talking how sweet these boots are and now they are filled with water, meanwhile these two guys are laughing at me. In the end it was pretty funny but I had to run back to camp to change.