FWC closes snook, tarpon and bonefish due to the freeze

Jan 16th 2010

I’m down in Miami fishing with my friend Adrian and Glen.  We got out there at 8am and looked around the parking lot.  There were only 6 trailers parked in the parking lot. They have must have known something we didn’t we joked. Little did we know it was absolutely correct. As soon as we launched the boat we noticed big bonefish swimming around aimlessly, very very slow. I mean so slow you could dip net them. There were dead look downs, boenfish, ladyfish, snook at the bottom of the marina floor.

After shooting a few photos and video of the carnage we went off to try to find some survivors. I hate to say it but we failed. There were no cudas, no bait fish at least not on the flats. We didn’t see stingrays, sharks, or boxfish. Sadly we did see more dead bonefish amonst all the death.

By 1pm we had enough and headed back in.

Here is the latest news I got on my phone today. The FWC in an emergency action.

Closes Snook, Tarpon and Bonfish due to the freeze. Tarpon and bonefish until April and Snook until Sept.  2010

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