Venganza 13′ Skimmer


Venganza, Spanish for revenge, is an unconventional name for a boat company. Christopher Collier, owner and builder, is an unconventional individual. A 5th generation Floridian and boat designer, his great great grandfather was W.T. Collier a Florida Pioneer and the first to homestead Marco Island. Christopher Collier’s credit includes his tenure as Director of Design and Development for Donzi Marine where his step bottom designs were proven winners. Now he brings his passion and creativity to the small skiff market with the Skimmer 13.

The Skimmer 13 is a true microskiff with a LOA of 12’ 9” and 53” beam. Maximum horsepower is rated at 20HP with a transom height of 20”. The Skimmer 13 is rated for 2 persons or 450lbs. Most notable, it is the first modern microskiff hull ever designed to incorporate Mr. Collier’s stepped hull treatment.

According to Mr. Collier “The Venganza Step Bottom is designed to enhance performance and efficiency. By stepping the hull we reduced the wetted surface making contact with the water, thus reducing the overall drag and will allow it to distribute the load over the length of multiple running surfaces. Using multiple steps we can achieve a more stable running platform when working with non-fixed weights, the shortened running surfaces reduce drag and enhance lift. Multiple running surfaces distribute lift over the length of the bottom thus reducing bow lift and stern drag for a better hole shot.” Intrigued by the science I met up with Mr. Collier and his son, for a wet test.

We started off the morning with a few photos and a good looking over of the Skimmer. The steps in the hull are a bit less aggressive than I had anticipated but as was explained the steps don’t need to be as aggressive for a smaller running surface. They blended very well into the hull. A nice feature is the inverse spray rail incorporated into each hull side. These small, but effective rails are almost hidden when the hull receives a two tone color treatment.

Based as a one or two person backcountry protected water skiff, the unique size and footprint lends itself to the exploration of small back water creeks and canoe/kayak trails. The ride of the Skimmer is solid and comfortable. With it’s narrow beam the skiff will turn on a dime and give you a nickel back in change. It was a little wiry at first. Only the slightest of corrections are needed on the tiller to make the skimmer change direction. I would caution radical course changes as the skiff will turn, but your momentum may not.

Without a non stepped hull skimmer to compare it to, it’s hard to honestly evaluate exactly how much the steps improve the performance on the hull. The test Skimmer has a Mercury 4 stroke 20hp tiller with a stock aluminum prop. Top speed average with myself only was 26.2 MPH. Time to plane was 4.8 seconds.

Poling the Skimmer is a breeze. It will easily and quickly respond to your every command. With two medium build persons on board the draft comes in at 6.75”. The skiff exhibited only a slight crabbing tendency, but glided well. It’s short length allowed for quick and easy turning.

I know what you’re going to ask… “is it tippy?” Honestly, yes it is a bit tippy. Not so much that the feeling is ever present, but when the weight starts to shift around, you’ll feel yourself making adjustments to your balance while up on the poling platform. Standing in the cockpit or on the front deck, I found it to be no more tippy than any other popular short length and narrow beam skiff. In some cases it was more solid.

Storage is surprisingly ample for it’s size and beam. It is easily accessible and dry with access to electronics and drainage at your finger tips. Overall build quality was good on the test skiff, with only a few items that are already addressed in the production model.

The Skimmer is a smart little boat for the person looking for an inexpensive one or two person skiff for protected waters. The small size makes it easy to store and easy to tow. Storage is ample and over all performance is good. If your looking for a small skiff the Skimmer 13′ is one to add to the list.

Capt. Jan

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Venganza Marine
3332 26th Ave East, Unit C
Bradenton, FL 34208

phone: (941) 345-3779

web site:

Length: 12’9″
Beam: 53″
Draft: 4.5″
Dry Weight: 210 lbs
Occupancy: 2 people or 450 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 6.6 removable gas tank
Transom Height: 20″
Max Horsepower: 20HP
Max Engine Weight: 115lbs

Standard Features:
5 Year Limited Hull Structural Warranty
Custom Step Bottom Hull
All White Hull, Deck Gelcoat
Custom Full Deck Non-Skid
Vinyl Rub Rail
Bonded Hull and Deck Construction
Wide Deck Walks
3 Pull Up Cleat
Custom Deck Hatch Latches and Hinges
Stainless Hatch Latches and Hinges
(2) Rod Holders
15hp Manual Start
Standard Trailer (galvanized)

MSRP $9,850 Base Price with Standard Features