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Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

hunting, but no fish

It’s been pretty windy down this way lately to do much fishing, well at least for me. I’m not a big advocate for fishing in the wind so I have been out hunting for doves with friends and family. We have been hunting in the Yucca Penn (Charlotte County, FL) for these fast flyers. For those of us that enjoy fishing for tailing reds or sight fishing whatever fish your after, this is the next best thing that gives me that awesome rush. I love hunting. I’m actually headed up to Alabama tomorrow for another shot at that sneaky white tailed deer. It’s to bad we couldn’t hunt deer today as I saw about 20 or so. One of the things for me thats better than catching fish or taking an animal is the chance to hunt or fish with friends and family. And to do one better I hunted with my two buds Jon and John whom brought there kids to hunt with us. It’s always a great time to see dads hunt or fish with their children. Teaching our next generation the ways of the woods, water, and great outdoors is important to preserve our past times and the sports we love. Excuse my photos for now as I am working on getting my sizing correct for saltyshores. Here are a couple shots from this past week.




Holy Cow of a World Record Pending Bass?

Beleive it or not, Large Mouth Black Bass make up the majority of the revenue generated in the fishing industry.  From the numerous larger and smaller tournaments to recreational hardcore bass anglers fishing anywhere from California to Mexico to Florida, and yes, even to Japan… it is a culture in this planet’s society.  There has even been a recent fly fishing documentary released by the famous Jamie Howard (the Chasing Silver and Location X dude) based around Bass fishing.  I can’t get my head around it yet… this whole concept of a fish that doesn’t pull drag, doesn’t make long runs, and shakes it’s head on the surface until it is landed.  But as I look deeper into this culture, I am starting to understand.  It is about the gear junkies; this plastic worm or that crank bait to locate big bass.  Maybe it’s about the fancy nascar wrapped boats and the culture surrounding it.  Or maybe this is just an old timer’s tradition that our youth has kept alive for many generations.  Whatever the draw may be, I have great respect for a fish that can be found in so many geographic locations, inspire so many anglers of all generations, generate the capital it has into the fishing industry, steer the coarse of spin/plug tackle development, and display such an incredible eat on a popping bug fly. 

Tomorrow January 8th, could be a day that will live in infamy on the bass fishing front.  A very big bass has been caught and a decision will be made at the IGFA tomorrow that will determine whether this record will be valid or not.  Manabu Kurita landed a 22 lb 4 oz largie that could set the IGFA record for the biggest large mouth bass.  The last time this record was broken was over 8 decades ago.  Interestingly enough, about the same time we were in a depression.  I guess there is some link to a crappy economy and catching big bass.  Maybe saving for a rainy day is worth it when you get to go record chasing when the economy is storming. 

For more information and updates, stay tuned to the IGFA website.  Here is the link:

Click here for the video —> Manabu-Kurita-Potential-World-Record-Bass.aspx


If you have ever made a fishing trip to Tarpon Town in Yucatan’s Campeche, certainly you had the memorable experiences we had. Ahh! Those beautiful sunsets and great fishing! That blend of the walled Olde City with the new town and the fantastic fishing! The sight of Mayan ruins at Edzna and the amazing fishing! The myriad of restaurants and wondrous fishing!  What can I say other than all of the sights, sounds and tastes of Campeche took a back seat to the fishing experience. There is such an abundance of different species of fish including the targeted juvenile tarpon. Hooking these tarpon on light tackle is just the ticket for angling excitement. This, by itself, is worth the trip, but then there was the pleasant surprise of the abundant sea trout fishery. We were not expecting this and were totally elated to have caught over 50 of these spot-sided denizens in just a couple of hours. Here is a small selection of images from that trip.


Fly Fishing for Rooster Fish from the Beach, Mexico, Flies and Fins, Video

These guys from Flies an Fins get to do some kick ass stuff. This is footage of a Mexico trip. They are casting from the beach to Rooster fish and a bunch of ther species as well. The website is cool too. It’s all fly centric they do some awesome road trips. I don’t know who runs it but I believe he does his own original musics as well. Good stuff.

Perhaps one day… sigh…

Here’s another video called “running down the man” pretty much about the same thing. It was enter in the Drake Fly fishing awards in 2007. Excellent production in a remote area. Must have a had a nice budget. :)