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Many times, I get emails of people asking me how the camera was set, what filters did I use etc. Basically they want to know how to capture the same type of image. Many of  my friends and readers of Saltyshores ran out and bought an expensive DSLR recent.  However, many get overwhelm and use just shoot in auto mode. The images will look much better than your point and shoot yes, but you’re kind of defeating the purpose some.  I mean look at all those fancy knobs and controls. They are all going to waste. 🙂

I’m starting a new category today called “Photo Recipe”. It’s basically a how to, step by step of what you need, what settings you will need to take that particular photo. I’m not saying that I’m an expert and that what I do is the only way to get the image. It’s just info from my trial and error, research and how I achieved it.  I just want to help those that want the help

Lets start off with something simple and recent, the new year fireworks pics.  I know I know.. a few days too late but  hey you can still use it for fouth of July 🙂

What you will need:

  1. DLSR camera
  2. tripod
  3. remote trigger(optional)

Camera settings:

  • Set the camera to manual mode:
  • f/16 (from 8 to 22 is fine)
  • ISO 100 to 200
  • shutter speed 6 to 8 seconds of if you have a remote control bulb(this will allow you to vary the shutter controls with out touching the camera)

Set the camera on the tripod.  With such long shutter speed the movement will be very noticeable. A tripod is a must and do your best to pick stable platform.

Look through the eye piece to get the focus proper. Remember its manual focus, you don’t’ want the camera to be searching for a focus. 

Once the fire works start press your remote button and vary the time(6 to 8 seconds usually)  to see what you get on your review screen. If you don’t have a remote, use the camera on the timer to trigger the shot. If you trigger it manually you will get some movement from you pressing the button.

That’s it! pretty easy isn’t it?

You can use a point and shoot as well, you just need stable tripod. Put the camera in program mode not auto. Auto will set the flash off. use a timer to trigger it and you should be good to go.