Fixed my PC problems with a reg cleaner, dam I should’ve done it sooner, How to fix a slow pc

Nothing to do with fishing or photography but it sure has helped me update Saltyshores much better. This will go  under tech review along with all my other geeky stuff.  I’ll be adding cameras, mobile devices, phones as we go along, just things to help you out in life that isn’t 100% directly related to fishing.

warning: I’m no expert in any of this.. I’m just stumbling along making tons of mistakes as I go like most of you. I figured I could help some people through many of the same issues I run into. So don’t expect any double blind, scientific study. I won’t be using any fancy equipments to look at every pixel on a camera’s sensor either. There’s plenty of other “expert” websites out there for that kind of stuff with bigger budgets..(there goes the low budget thing again, somebody send me a blank check so I can increase my budget.. jut kidding,.. well maybe not. 🙂 ).

For the past few months my laptop computer has been running dog slow. Even with the 4 gigs of ram running in 64 bit it was just a slug. I thought it was because I had too many photos and videos in there so I took it off and  backed it up to my external hard drive. Well when this didn’t work I looked into some of cleaning software. It’s been almost 2 years since I got the laptop. I had anti virus but never anything else.  I always thought they were gimmicky as I’ve tried this kind of things a few years back and it didn’t work very well. At this point however, I’m willing to give it a go.

Reg Booster
Registry Booster 2010

To cut a long story short I found Registry Booster 2010 via search engine, did the a scan on the trial version.. and it founded like a million problems(ok maybe hundreds) with my registry. It wouldn’t let me fix the problem until I spent the $29 bucks but heck it was well worth it  if  it made my laptop usable again. It took a bit to scan and clean it all. When it was done though, low and behold the dam thing actually works. I could actually load photoshop again and the pc booted up faster. I did the same to my old 2 year old desktop pc at home and it made it faster as well. Wow something I found on the INTERNET actually works

Anyways if you have a PC that is running like dog crap…( I know, I know.. I should buy a Mac! but I’m already use to the PC interface and dint’ feel like learning one more thing to occupied more of my time) try it. It can’t hurt.