Saltyshores Newsletters and Flash Entry Page

Jan 2nd 2009:

(I bump this up for monday so people can get on the newsletter list)

Today I played around a little bit with a new flash entry page on  I will make it prettier when I get more time but for now it will do.  Sorry lots of  “do  it  yourself” projects  here on Saltyshores, low budget folks. 🙂

I’ve also been messing around with the news letter list. If you want to be part of it… please enter your name and email bellow. You will get a confirmation link  to click on via email just to make sure  you don’t’ get any spams etc. Or you can can just go to the email page.


I already have lots of newsletter sponsors that are willing to give away free products every month. Products like lures, t-shirts, hats, prints, and pretty much anything really.

If you’re wondering what the newsletter is all about it’s just a recap of what’s going on with and photos that only newsletter people will get to see. What we are working on as well is group trips we put together. Lots of people want to be part of some of these fishing trips so if I have some oportunity I’ld like to extend some of the invitation via the newsleter.  Not sure how it’s going to work yet but we will figure it out.  Again the low budget thing. 🙂

If all goes well,  trips this year, with some help from friends, we will not ge limited to home waters. We’re looking to do some really cool things with the cameras this year. Hope some of you can be a part of it… if not.. at least you’ll get to see it in HD and kick ass photography.