D.I.Y. fly fishing stripping basket, video, Orvis Stripping Basket

While I was out wading and fly fishing for the redfish yesterday it’s pretty apparent to me that the fly line sitting on top of the was causing lots of drag not to mention a tangle mess. When you try to make a long cast it just doesn’t go as far due to the water resistance.  I know there are wading striping baskets you can buy but they are usually $50.00 on up.  Since youtube is a plethora of information these days I just did a search on making a stripping basket and came across one.  Even though it’s been a couple of years since he put it up,  it  was very well done. I put one together with the parts I had laying around in the garage and it works pretty well.  I think everything cost less than $10.00. I can say,  it’s not the coolest looking thing in the world to be walking around with,  but it sure does work and work well.

Now if you do want to spend the money, the best one I have  used is the Orvis Stripping basket. This is what makes it better than the others available out there.

Orvis STripping Basket
Orvis Stripping Basket
  • It curves to fit your body comfortably.
  • Built in conic shape to keep fly line tangle free.
  • Belt is very well made and stays tight.
  • Built in rod holder.

The only improvement I would make is drill a couple small holes on the bottom of it to drain the water build out up. Other than that it’s a pretty well thought out design.

I’ve tried a couple other ones.  For saltwater wade fishing anyways, the cons outweigh the pros.