Tampa Redfish Fly fishing, wading in the icy cold.

Jan 2nd 2010 part 2

I looked out side it was very cold and windy but there were no clouds in the sky. This will make it excellent for sight fishing. Now a days if I can see the fish I would rather catch them on fly because it makes it more interesting.. yes, more pulling your hair out as well. Heading out by myself, I packed up the skiff with limited gear. I met up with Tom of Wang anchor and Joe of Carbon marine who was already out on the flats. As I pulled up Tom was releasing a small redfish he caught on the fly.

Since I was by myself I couldn’t really control the boat much. After a few frustrating tangles I decided to get out of the boat and waded. I was on fish with in a few minutes but I kept spooking them. I figured out they didn’t like the false cast very much as these are Tampa redfish not those dumb Louisiana ones. 🙂 I got a nice over slot fish landed and released. That was the formula Joe and Tom quickly noticed and did the same. We landed 8 reds on fly today in 3 hours and 5 of which were over the slot. Once we lost the light it was pretty much over. 2010 for my armature fly fishing is starting off very well.

9wt Gloomis CC GLX, Loop Ecotech reel, Sharkskin line, about 12 foot of leader 15lb tippet.

While wading I dunked my reel a couple times in the saltwater, releasing fish. Loop tells me they have a waterproof drag. I got home and rinsed it off with fresh water I will let you know the results.

Tom snapped a shot me and my 1st fish.

These shots were done on they Olympus waterproof cameras. Very bland, I tried to fix them up in photoshop but this was the best I could do.