Fly Fishing for Tailing Red fish in Tampa Bay, a struggle.

Dec 31st 2009 

Today I took the Skiff out to fish with my friend Jon of Fishbuzz TV and Jared. We got there bright and early to look for tailing red fish in Tampa bay. Our plans were to get some some photos and videos then try try to catch a few. Well the first part went ok but the 2nd part was nearly impossible today. The water slicked out and the fish here got so spooky you couldn’t even move on the boat with out spooking them. I mean even grabing the camera put out enough vibration to put the fish on guard. Jon got out of the boat to try to wade to the tailing reds. He got 3 follows but they would not eat. 

After 4 hours of doing this we were pulling our hairs out trying to figure out how to be more quiet. I have to say today the fish won. I will leave 2009 getting skunked. 

Happy New Year everyone and be safe out there. 

In a couple hours I wll be grab my gear and try to get some some fire works photos and video here in Tampa. They are having a fireworks thing at Channelside