Louisiana Fly fishing with Captain Greg Dini Round 2

Dec 27th 2009

Today I’m in Louisiana with Greg Dini once again to try to get a 20lb plus class red fish on Fly. Once again the weather has not been my friend. It was raining in the morning then overcast skies for most of the day. It was very tough to fish the deeper waters where the big fish lays.. we did get a few smaller fish in the 7lb range but the goal of catching a big 20lb plus redfish was lost. There is always tomorrow.

I did get a chance to fish out of the ECC Vantage for the day. It’s very dry boat with huge spray rails. I didn’t get a chance to pole it yet but should get a chance to check it out here in the next day or tow. It drafts about 8 to 10″ with 90hp 4 stroke, 3 200lb+ anglers and all my camera gear.

I did get some cool eats.. not sure how well the footage turned out though.

Here are some quick edit from today’s photos. Nothing special but I’ll try harder. 🙂