Saltyshores Update and brief History Christmas Eve Dec 24th 2009, We’re gonna have an awesome 2010!

Merry Christmas everyone,

I’ld like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped to make what it is today.  I want to thanks all my contributors present and past as well as people that has passed the word along about Saltyshores. All the people I’ve been fortunate enough to be come in contact with. From the great captains that I’ve was lucky to get out on the water with to the manufacture of fishing products and goods that believed in us.

I’ve fished with regular Joes like me as well as Captains and celebrities with their own TV shows. Each and every trip in their own special way created ever lasting memories. Memories that as you guys know, I love to share with everyone through my writings, photos and videos. I mean what good are photos when you never show it to anyone. It’s like catching a monster fish by your self and you have no camera to take photos of. You would love to turn around and celebrate with your buddy or at the very least talk some trash.  I use to go out fishing alone a bunch when I first started to get into fishing but these days I seldom do. I believe, it doesn’t matter if the day is good or bad it’s just not the same if  the stories and images does not get shared.

I started posting fishing reports when the fishing forums were gaining popularity in 2004.  I was the only fool that would take a non waterproof camera out on the kayak fishing me (they didn’t make the waterproof cameras back then that was cheap, and yes I drowned a few).  I know how skeptical fishermen are so I started to post photos with every single report I write.  Then I started to noticed many of the forums,  due to space, were purging the post and many of my writings and photos were lost forever. So, I created SS back in June of 2007 to archived my fishing reports.

I started to post small fishing reports on my own sorta blog. When people found out about SS by mostly word of mouth and started to visit the website on a daily basis. I got curious at how many and started to look at the stats on the website. I was totally surprised the most busiest of days were Mondays and Tuesday. I also noticed the most busiest of times were in the mornings, lunch time and 6pm after work. This made me realized that people appreciated what I write and kinda day dream about the fishing while they were busy at their day jobs.  The weekends were always the slowest as many were fishing themselves and busy with the family.

I started to put more effort into the photos and writings. I even played around with video some but was kind of turned off because, back then, due to bandwidth restrictions high quality could not be viewed by most. I will be the first to admit my writing is not the greatest as I’m tired most of the time when I come and go in crazy hours. I’m not like these guys that has a huge budget and stay at fancy lodges and everything is catered around them. I’m basically a regular schmo with some time, a little bit of money and try to get some cool fishing photos in while I’m fishing.  Many times, it’s McDonalds, Burger King, Dion’s chicken, and my favorite of all the fast food Pollo Tropical.  Yes I get to eat at cool places some times but those are more the exceptions not the rule.

When the photos got better ,  the magazines  started to pay attention.  This is when I really went nuts, I started to buy all kinds of photo gear falsely thinking they will make my photos a million times better. I have to say as a side note…. yes the expensive gear helps.. but definitely don’t blame the camera if your photos don’t look good. Looking back at all the gear I’ve bought I have to say I could do with out more than 1/2 of them and my photos wouldn’t look much different. Heck it might even look better since I didn’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure with lens or body it’s best for whatever shot I’m trying to get.

When the magazines started to print my photos more and more people came to Saltyshores. With credibility, the popularity of Facebook  and the nature of hyper networking via the internet Saltyshores has grown almost 10 folds in the past 16 months. Saltyshores is now one of the most visited saltwater fishing blog in Florida.

With the advent of HD streaming via youtube and vimeo, I have started down the road of HD film production. Using all my fancy lens that I originally bought for my still cameras. The image quality, in certain situations, matches that of expensive 50,000 dollar  video cameras. Now that vimeo and youtube is allowing people to broadcast HD quality video over the internet it has turned the entire way we do marketing upside down. I am so intrigue with how everything in just the past couple years has evolved so quickly to this new media. It’s very exciting to see.  Guys look around. The changes you are seeing now, looking back you will say.. I was there.. when it started to happen. I don’t know where we will be in 10 years but its pretty exciting to be part of it.

I know 2009 has been amazing so far but I am happy to say, for 2010 Saltyshores is stepping it up to the next level.  The projects that are going to unfold in the next 3 months I’ld never thought I would ever end up being part of. Stay tune guys(yes corny), if they turns out 1/2 as good as it looks on paper I’ld die a happy fisherman.

Again, thanks to every reader, contributor, and anyone that has helped make Saltyshores what it is today.

Merry Christmas and Super Safe New Years!