Tampa Fly Shop, local fly shop in Tampa Bay

Dec. 22. 2009

Yesterday I got called from my friend Tom of  Wanganchor. He’s been telling me about a local flyshop in Tampa he’s been visiting and buying all his fly tying materials from.  He tells me since I’ve been doing lots of fly fishing lately I should check it out. I don’t you if you know the history. Back about 3-4 years ago when I first showed an interest in fly fishing I wanted to shop at local shop.  I looked up some shops in the phone book and one came highly recomended. I drove 45minutes there to buy some flies, leader material and hope to get the guys to show me some knots.

Well to make a long story short, the guy tried to charge me $25.00 to tie a nail knot. I thought I was hearing things at first so I asked him 3 times before I just walked out in disbelief. When I posted about the experience it made a mess around the local fly fishing forums. This experience left a bad taste  in my mouth for quite some time. The elitist attitude he had was totally uncalled for and unprofessional. Not to mention the made story of me barging in, being rude, obnoxious and demanding he tie my knot for free!  They went out of business shortly  after that and I guess it was pretty deserving if they treated customers like that. And to charge people $25 to tie knots was  just icing on the cake.

Well when I went into the shop in upper Tampa bay I was hoping for a much different experience. My hopes rang true as the shop was nothing but helpful. I called them to get directions to the place a couple times and Lane the person that was working was nothing but cool about it. The shop had all the good brands like Sage, Rio, Gloomis etc. I don’t tie flies yet but they had tons of fly tying material. They were well stocked in the latest SIMMs outdoor fishing gear. They had wading boots, wading shoes, along with the regular microfibers and rain gear. Ever since I wore the Simms gear when I was in Alaska a couple months ago.. I thought Simms was one of the best apparel company out there as far as functionality and build quality.

The only thing I didn’t like about the shop was their website. 🙂  I mean it’s nothing but a business card online. Name, address, logo and that was about it. Nothing on there tells  you to come in and check us out.  I guess it’s to the point and informative though.  I also don’t like websites where you have to be a detective to find a phone number and an address of the place. So I guess this is better than the other extreme.

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The name of the Place is called

The Tampa Angler

The Tampa Angler
8490 W. Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL 33615

Phone number:  (813) 374-2497
Email:  Dave@TheTampaAngler.com

If you’re like me, and didn’t even know there was  a fly shop in Tampa check them out if you’re ever near that way.