Who turned out the lights?

Coaches Dennis and Jason with one of many redfish!!

Cold fronts have been looming over South Florida back to back in the last few days and with this, there has been massive cloud cover compressed right in Flamingo.  With strong Northernly winds, no lights, and a sub 60 degree chill in the air, the typical sight fishing game is near impossible.  It takes a strong will and determination to brave through such conditions and stick to your sight fishing guns.  As I have been going through lots of stress lately trying to finish up projects and whatnot before the year’s end, I needed a trip on the water dedicated to just whacking lots of fish.  If sight fishing won’t work, it is time to change the pace.  This is where a former bait chunker like myself goes cold turkey and resorts back to his roots.  The Everglades National Park offers a great diverse fishery.  Flamingo offers a world class fishery for every angler, whether it be the technical fly fisherman, plug fisherman, or live baiter.  I met with coaches Jason and Dennis in the brisk AM chill and we headed down towards Flamingo this morning.  The clouds overhead were a sign to rack the fly rods, box up the plugs, grab a bunch of jig heads and head to Don’s Bait and Tackle in Homestead to pick up 10 dozens of live winter shrimp.  Yes, I’m going to chunk bait today… LIVE WITH IT!!!

Fishing trips such as these help you realize how fun it can be to just shoot the **** with your buddies while working on filling the freezer with fillets.  We met with success amongst the laughter and jokes as we boated numerous redfish, sheepshead, a few snook, and even a flounder.  I can just taste the redfish and sheepshead tacos tomorrow evening.

Troll Rite
The classic Lake Ingraham rig consisted of a live shrimp pinned on a jighead and tossed into structure such as eddies, shorelines, and dropoffs where fish would be congregating in these cool temperatures.  This is referred to as a troll rite and shrimp setup.  The troll rite/shrimp is definitely the most effective setup for fishing lethargic fish that are laying deep.
One of many large Crocs we encountered this day