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I purchased a non-marked prototype Sage 9wt flyrod many months ago from a noted legend in fly fishing.  It was supposed to be a prototype TCX and was a wonder to bonefish with.  After that prototype Sage had caught it’s share of bonefish with me, I had some “self proclaimed outdoors celebrity” yahoo on my boat this past Spring who has some hunting show come on my boat and wrecklessly kick and break my prototype Sage flyrod while it was still in the gunnels.  I purchased a production TCX afterwards and still did not feel it was the same rod… then came the Xi3… and now I think I have found what that prototype actually was.  I have been bonefishing with the 9wt Sage Xi3 for the past couple of weeks.  This rod does exactly what Sage claims it does.  The Xi3 has the backbone to pick up line from 60ft away and enough reserve to punch it right back out into the wind without issues.  For all the longer distance shots, this rod is accurate… much more so then the TCX in my opinion.  The rod is finished with a sexy deep blue blank, dark blue wraps, and outfitted with tough hardware to combat the rigors of the saltwater environment.  Compared to it’s predecessor (Xi2), the Xi3 is lighter, stronger, and faster.  This is a whole different rod.  It’s got more power then the TCX and a slightly softer tip, which makes it alright if you need to make a short shot.  This rod is definitely most accurate 40ft and up.  A great rod for all the elements you encounter while bonefishing.  The 9wt Xi3 feels very well balanced with either a Tibor Everglades or Nautilus NV 10/11 fly reel.  I threw a Monic tropical full floating fly line on the Xi3 and it was a perfect matchup for bonefishing.  I am going to try putting a heavier grain line such as the Wulff Bermuda Triangle taper line on there to see if it will help load the rod quicker and increase accuracy at sub-40ft casts.  This rod definitely has the reserve to handle a heavier grained line when called for.  At a premium price, you truley get what you pay for.

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Updated 12/19/09:

Tibor Riptide on Sage Xi3

It has been several months since I have started fishing the Xi3.  I have been fishing the Airflo Ridge 9wt Flyline on my Sage Xi3 as of late for tailing bonefish and low light situations where a colored fly line is an advantage over the clear line.  The Ridge Airflo line matches perfectly with this rod.  Recovery on this rod isn’t as easy as with the G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX series rods.  There is a smaller window for error with the Xi3.  But with an above amatuer casting stroke, this rod is a bomb and can truley pick up lots of line from far and punch it out without the need for another back cast.  A fantastic windy day and bonefish rod in my opinon.

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