Scott S4s Fly Rod Review by Capt Colby Hane

Scott S4s Fly rod
Scott S4s Fly rod

Every now and then I come across a fly rod that just makes me smile. One that has some soul that you know will rub off on you…A rod that will just flat out do what you want when you want it to. I have had the pleasure over the years to cast and own a few of these jewels and I finally stumbled onto the one I have been searching for, the Scott S4S.

The rod shares some of the same characteristics as other top shelf salt sticks with the high end components and fast action designs. But I am more concerned on how the rod performs in the elements of fishing rather than its components. The model I’ve been throwing is the 9ft 2piece 9wt. I like the 2 piece configuration due to the lack of ferrules and added sensitivity, plus something mental tells me it might be more durable on large fish. The nine weight is what I consider to be a great windy redfish/snook rod or a typical Keys bonefish stick.

The rod is extremely light in the hand but very heavy in power.  It has the ability to throw heavy flies in a stiff wind without suffering from power loss and deliver a fly with laser accuracy. The action is fast and responsive but it’s sensitive enough to feel the line load from short range or into the backing without the need to overline. The finish is low glare and stealthy….exactly what I want in a rod for spooky flats species. The 10wt joined with a matte black reel would make a deadly stealth Permit setup! It comes in sizes 6 through 12 weights and is one of the few high end models still available in a 2pc or 4pc. The series won the “Dealers Choice Award” at the 2009 fly fishing Retailer show and I can definitely see why it prevailed. I know there are a lot of quality rods available these days, but I find my self reaching for the Scott every time I’m on the water. I am looking forward to testing the bigger sticks this Tarpon season!

Capt. Colby Hane