Princeton Tec EOS Tactical Headlamp


I have owned numerous headlamps over the years. My attitude has been “get the cheapest, it’s just a light”.

Well, my attitude has changed.

Princeton Tec has been making durable quality lights for over 30 years for military and industry including first responders. Most recently they released a very light weight (3.6 oz) headlamp, the EOS Tactical Headlamp for outdoorsmen. The Tac EOS opperates off of standard 3 AAA Lithium or Alkaline batteries with a life of 112 hours. That is a lot of fishing trips! The lamp is 1 Maxbright LED which is powered at 45 lumens. This is in the neighborhood of a 25 watt bulb and at it’s highest setting ( 4 settings – blinking, high, meduim, low) can shine in excess of 60 yards.

In addition the Tac EOS also has an easy-to-change lens filter system designed for specific nighttime activities: red for preserving night vision, blue for blood tracking and green for hunter safety.

When I took it out on the water it did not dissapoint. It was comfortable and lit up the area well. I was apprehensive to test the Level 2 (30 min. under 1 meter of water) waterproof rating because I had some headlamps from other manufactors it the past that were supposedly waterproof that failed miserably. To my delight the lamp still worked.

The cost of these headlamps is around $52 but should be the last headlamp you should have to buy for quite some time.