Dec 14th 2009 journal freedomhawk kayaks, tailing reds, coasta del mar, super spook jr

This morning I was suppose to be up at 4am to make a drive south to fish the Pine Island sound area. The weather was suppose to be slick calm and the tides were going to be low due to us being so close to the new moon. This time of year this means very good situation for some beautiful tailing redfish action. It took me a while but I packed all my camera and video gear and was ready to go.

I guess I was overly anxious because I awake at 2am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I know if I stayed up the entire time I will be dozing off in the middle of the day. I tried by just couldn’t fall back to sleep. I decided to do something a little more productive got up do some more catching on things. I edit some product shots of the new Coasta Del Mar sunglasses. (btw: I’ve been  using the 580 lens and it’s pretty darn good. Review on this later). I refine the New Saltyshores templates and updated it.(Still lots of work to be done here as I have to start copying some of the really cool stuff over from the legacy SS). Of course I had to check on Facebook to see who else is nutty enough to be up at 2am.  By this time 330am rolled up. I grabbed my cup of instant coffee and was on my way.

Yes instant coffee. I started with fancy ground coffee, then drinking it black,  then coffee on a timer machine, then coffee at convenient stores, then energy drinks to  make my daily caffeine intake faster and more efficient. I am down to instant coffee. No I will not start taking caffeine pills. I need to enjoy it just a little still.

Being that I’m driving and around 330am and was waaaaaaaaaaaay early I stopped to get gas and another cup of coffee to kill some time. However I was still like 30 minutes early to meet my friend at the ramp. No matter, when it comes to fishing and most things in life it’s much better to early than late. I got out there and saw some tailers right off the bat. I wanted to shoot some photos of a boat casting to them on fly but the fish were there then go down and disappeared. They were not tailing long for us. No matter it was early we stuck with it for  bit and it never happened so we decided to move to another location.

The tide was pretty low so while waiting for the tide to turn we worked some of the pot holes and pulled up some nice trout on the top water(bone colored spook jr.) They agressive and knocking it out of the water which made it fun. We moved shallower to find some redfish. Since we didn’t see any tailers I put the fly rod away and started working pot holes with the top water. I had a 30″+ red followed it to the boat striked at it and missed.. pretty exciting but no catch. I had another followed it but turned away when it got next to the boat. Now it’s getting frustrating.

The next 3 hours this kept happening. Either they would not eat or they would see us first (slick calm waters) and bolt. Fruuuuuuustrating…. ! We had a couple more shots but by this time it was pass noon and it was time to call it day. The water was getting way too high now for tailers plus, with only a few hours of sleep I was hungry and tired. Since we didn’t really want to blind cast or start looking for bait to use, everyone agree it was time to wave the white flag and concede victory to the fish this day.

Afterward, we grabbed some chicken wings at the local Bee O Brady’s  with a nice cold glass of ice tea. Sometimes the conditions looks great on paper for certain situations to happen but in the end you never know what will happen out there. I guess this why it keeps us coming back for more.

I have some close up shots of the few trout we caught and will be putting up later today.

On the way home I made a call to Freedom Hawk Kayaks. A good friend Spencer who is on their prostaff suggest I give them a call. It’s a kayak with a built in stabilizer system. This will be great of photography and fly fishing. Not to mention it can be used as a camera boat if we needed it for future video projects. They have been out for a couple years but they just came out with a  12′ version which will make it more portable. I’m thinking about putting it  on a bay boat, make a super long run then get out in the kayaks to do some really really cool stuff.