Beaten and Battered in the Glades

Chilling cold fronts grazed through south Florida last week and changed both the air and water temperatures drastically.  We have definitely transitioned to an all out winter fishery.  It was to be a decent weekend of bonefishing in the Keys but as the chilling temperatures had most of the big Key’s bonefish crapping ice turds, we decided it was a better weekend spent exploring some of the hidden passageways deep in the heart of Flamingo.  Plowing the skiff through the thicket of bushes, small creeks, questionable entry ways, lots of mud, and doing way too much pushing, we made it to some shallows where redfish and snook were both plentiful and willing to chew on a well placed fly.

Who knows what the next week will bring.  They are calling for a mild cold front to push into South FL this coming week.  As I sit here freezing my ass off, I think it is time to get a 4 month head start on things to come…