Cold Front and Bachelor Parties

Weekend before last I attended a good friends bachelor party in the mid keys to pursue bat man (Sail Fish)!  The lack of fronts had not pushed the large number of sails into the shallows so it was slow… 0 for 2!!! We opted to let the guys pull on some AJ’s and then put a few phins in the boat for table fare!  All in all it was a good time but I could not wait to have the fly rod in hand sight casting to inshore fish!!! this past weekend was a mistake on my part….Sat called for 5-10 NE…it was 10-20 at least, overcast, and changing direction every 30 minutes…..We started off great with Richard sticking a respectable fish early on a crazy good fly he developed but our move hurt us..the wind seemed to change so we ran to a goto area but as we approached the wind changed once again and made sight fly casting difficult!!  We called it early…Sunday I got up with a perfect day outside, my brother was to meet me to fish, but showed up over 2 hrs late….When we finally got out, I got on a nice school, pulled a couple of fish out but then it happened, my motor cut out…first time in 5 years!!!  I was able to get her started but limped back to my lift….If you own a boat…it happens!!!!  Here are a few from the past 2 weeks. Photo note: I didnt realize until after, but I had the wrong setting “vivid” on all day….

~On The Fly~