Tibor Flat Black Reels by Vero Backcountry


Been trying to catch up on things so I haven’t gotten out the last couple days. I did get some work done so that’s a good thing every now and then. Never seem like I ever catch up. If I miss you did not get a response from me with in a week please resend. I try to respond to all emails but sometimes a couple slips through the cracks.

Since the Louisiana video came out. I have had some emails and phone calls came in wanting me to do so high end HD, lifestyle video similar to the LA video. So you guys might start seeing some really cool video here soon that’s not just fishing. From fishing, inshore, offshore, mothership operations, to hunting and resorts are on the table. Of course there will be some high end photos as well while shooting them. Crossing my fingers things work out.

I’m still trying to put something creative together for the Tbor reel shots.
Here’s a merge in B/W I did this morning as it came to me. Perhaps tailing bonefish would be better. I’m also thinking about a totally black background with glimmers of light coming in.. like the Terminator movies when Terminator was walking out of the shadows.