Red Zone Shirts photo shoot

Dec 6th 2009

Eventhough it was 45 degrees this morning, I went down to fish with a friend of mind down in the Placida area. We were fishing out of Kayaks which wasn’t going to be too warm. What made it worst was the fish were not where he left them. With this cold temperature they have moved on. We got a 19″ gag grouper, a flounder and a lizard fish before we called it day after about 2.5 hours of torture. We went and grab some lunch instead.

The rest of the day was spent shooting some lifestyle photos fo Red Zone shirts.
Captain Jay Withers has come out with a line of microfiber shirts and implemented dye sublimation designs on them.
They look pretty good. The designs even though it’s the already done redfish tail, looks to be different and eye catching.

You can shoot him and email for more info: