Fishpond Clippers

I’ve decided to post a review of something that is not new, but old.
Years ago I went to Andy Thornal’s in Winter Haven (a wonderful outfitter and fly shop) and picked up a Titanium braid cutter from Fishpond since I was new to braid lines, tired of the nailclippers rusting and did not have any pliers that would cut it. For years that Pitchfork Clipper has hung around my neck by a small cord and has gone on most every trip with me. I called Fishpond and they informed me that the Titanium now was unavaible because it was cost prohibative at about $75 each. They sent me the other model made of aluminum which is the same design as mine.

The design is simple being a 1/2 inch aluminum tube about 3 inches long with stainless steel cutters that are replaceable (in all the years I have owned mine I have never had to replace them). I have used them to cut 80# flouro and 50# braid with never an issue. Another useful application is to use the holes in the cutter to put your hooks in to cinch down knots. Just a great tool, simple in design, well made construction and durable materials. The suggested retail price is $22.

Another clipper they sent to me is their Aussie Clipper. It is made of plastic and has a stainless steel cutter that I used to cut braid even though it was mentioned to only cut mono or flouro. Also secured to me by a cord around my neck or a zinger attached to me. One of the signs to me that a company is concerned with quality is “what is their least expensive product like?” The cost for this cutter is only $8.95 very lightweight, does what it is supposed to do and would be an excellent stocking stuffer.